Lisa’s Story

Teacher and Traveler

Welcome to Horizon Fever. I’m Lisa, and I was a classroom teacher for nearly two decades, leveraging my profession to chase horizon after horizon. Sharing my adventures with others became almost as thrilling as the trips themselves, so I started this blog to share my passion for travel, other cultures, and to inspire wanderlust in others. 

When I became a teacher, I figured I was in it for life. The little girl in me who’d corralled the neighborhood children into her basement ‘classroom’ had found her vocation. Her life’s work.  I’d put in my 30 years and retire (or meet an untimely death under a stack of ungraded essays, whichever came first). 

My path to my career as an educator was not easy or traditional. I earned two degrees while raising four children, nurturing a marriage, and working full-time. The ensuing challenges and accomplishments of those years conditioned me to be creative, hard-working, and ambitious.

And I loved the classroom. I also found myself leveraging my profession to travel. A three-week fellowship took me to London to study Shakespeare at the Globe. Two NEH fellowships took me to Maine and Wyoming. I taught international students in a tent at a summer boarding school in New Hampshire. And for two summers in a row I taught English to children in Israel. (If you’re a teacher and you want to travel, read this!)

Teaching was meaningful and gave me great purpose. The relationships I developed with fellow educators and students still nourish me. But as time passed, I found that passion and purpose waning. I was growing resentful of the Big Asks teaching demands of its practitioners. My hard won ambition and creativity felt stifled.

So in 2023, as I prepared to be traveling for another five weeks of my ‘summer off’ it dawned on me: I didn’t have to keep teaching to travel. I could just travel. 

A dear friend of mine, also a former teacher, was a tour director for almost 25 years after she left the classroom. She pointed me to The International Guide Academy, and so I gave up yet another week of my summer to become a certified international tour director. (Click here to read What is a Tour Director? My new career, explained.)

So I find myself heading toward another new horizon.

If you’re a teacher, I want to show you how to travel for free (or nearly free) and bring back incredible lessons and materials to your students. If you have a family, I have lots of helpful guides and ideas for you whether you’re traveling with your children or your older parents. I want to help YOU plan your own amazing experiences. It’s my mission to continue teaching, albeit in a different classroom.

I hope my own horizon fever infects you with a desire to venture ahead in travel, your career, and life. I’m so glad you’re here.


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